Did you know DC offers a Green Roof Program?


What is the cliche saying “when you seek you shall find”? Well that is what I thought off when I was googling ECO homes in DC and came a across a DC program that helps residents with obtaining a green roof (greendc.gov). Now for those of you all that do not know what a green roof is let me educate you…A green roof is a roof that has flowers, plants and other vegetation that help with run off water from rain. Green roofs are also known as vegatative roofs and can be found on many new constructed building all over the city like the Reeves Center, American University, and Family Dollar. Imagine having a garden but instead of it in the front or back of your home it is on your roof. (i suggest googling green roofs and look at all the various images that are provided). With the right light landscaping and flower placement it can add a lot of character to your home or apartment. So i was shocked that in my googling I found out that DC offers a program that helps residents with the process of obtaining a green roof. Now let me clear DC does NOT pay for the roof for you however that do offer a consulting by DC Greenworks (dcgreenworks.org). I will be scheduling a consultation with them this week to see what the process is and the cost associated with it. Doing my preliminary research I saw figures from $5000-$8000 dollars. I encourage everyone in the area to at least read up on green roofs and see if it is something that you would like to implement in your home improvement plant. I will be updating my blog as soon as I speak with a DC GreenWork representative. Below I have also added some articles about Green Roofsand pictures of the work that DC Greenworks does!


american university

family dollar roof

(Family dollar roof)

reeves center1


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